Liberty International Investment

Get the highest ROI with our expert advice in the market. At Liberty International Investment we can show you the best suitable investment plans and also can manage your existing business for rewarding profits, success, and legal Guarantee

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Who we are

Liberty International Investment, a company that has a modern vision towards establishing diversified and steadily growing investment projects.

To achieve high-value investments, strategically, and in a manner that goes beyond traditional rules through new and innovative technologies, management skills, and high expertise.

We have a team with extensive experience, creative vision, and investment intelligence.

Why Choose Us​

We are a commercial investment company, working to make our investments in various promising sectors and geographical areas. We are constantly working to develop our business model, by focusing on employing the main strengths that we possess, which are the capabilities of the owner and our distinguished human cadre.

Believe In Value

Our company believes that people are the most important strategic resource

Success is our purpose

We have a different way of measuring success

always seeking new opportunities

We always seek to explore investment opportunities in new sectors, locally and internationally

Our Services

Agricultural Projects

We focus on the food sector and the expansion of agricultural production by unifying efforts and making use of our experience to create new opportunities, and achieve significant improvement in production, and accelerate growth.

Health Care Projects

We meet the needs of health care, by establishing specialized and high-quality healthcare facilities, and contribute to the development of the healthcare sector on sustainable foundations in the United Arab Emirates.

Real estate projects

Due to our distinguished experience in the real estate market, we provide advice according to your goals when buying, selling, or investing in the real estate market. We continue to strengthen our presence in the real estate market to acquire high-return investments in the real estate sector.

Commercial projects

We provide the service of establishing companies and partnerships in commercial projects, in addition to the service of economic consultations and investment feasibility studies for private and public commercial projects.

Industrial projects

We work to support all businesses in the industrial sector, to take advantage of all investment opportunities, and to provide all services that companies and projects need to work to increase profitability and reduce costs and risk.

Tourism Projects

Whether it is a tourism project, a hotel, or even a desert resort or one of the tourist destinations based on its unique nature, international cultural centers, or projects of various uses, we focus on tourism development and investment by providing the best practices in all its stages.

Educational Projects

We provide our administrative services in the field of educational investment by finding appropriate solutions that are in line with the goals, visions, and missions of their clients according to the latest concepts and principles.

Entertainment projects

The most important factors for success in the entertainment activity are focused on adopting and marketing new, unconventional ideas, and we can invest in theme parks and entertainment centers, facilities for entertainment events, and the establishment of an entertainment show in restaurants and cafes, and the organization of events and shows, as well as operating entertainment facilities.

Investment Opportunities

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